Blue Summer

by suzy 9. August 2011 22:31

As most people know, I love getting horses from the track and bringing them up through the levels. My main focus while doing this is always the keeping the horses confident while teaching them the skills required at each level. Ribbons have never been the priority so I find myself in a rather unusual situation of being on a complete winning streak!! Somehow I have been able to merge keeping their confidence up and being competitive, even after upgrading. How? I'm not exactly sure! Perhaps limiting the number of horses I ride in a day due to my back has allowed me to focus more completely on each horses needs? Secret has won 4 out of 5 of his shows this year, including a win at his 2nd prelim this past weekend at YR benefit HT. Gogo won his last novice, his first training and was 2nd behind his stablemate last weekend. I also had the pleasure of running Rimsky around 2 trainings for his new owner, Jordan Beckingham, and he won them both. I am very proud of my horses and very excited to see what the future holds for them. Jordan will be taking over the reins with Rimsky and I can't wait to see the grin on her face when she comes through the finish flags for the first time on him! My two will take the weekend off over Caber since I will be in Canada visiting family the week before, then will compete at Aspen in September. I had so much fun competing here in June I don't think I can resist doing it again:) The rest of the horses in the barn have had a successful summer as well; Laramie and Wally have been making Intermediate look easy and finished their first CIC** in 2nd place at Rebecca Farm! Chelsey and Cindi Carrels Stormont won their division at Rebecca Farm. Jane has been doing a great job of bringing her young mare, as well as Jons young horse, along, and will do Caber Novice with both horses before returning to school. Both horses show a lot of potential and seem to love their jobs as they figure out what is expected. Rachel has skipped a few shows to do lots of homework  to get Herc stronger and more rideable and it paid off with a clear SJ round at YR benefit.  Lauren moved AJ up to training at Rebecca and has now had two great shows with improved dressage, AJs usual exuberant and brilliant xc and slightly more controlled SJ! Hmm I am out of time, might have to continue this post but will leave you with a few pics taken by Joe Stylos to look at in the meantime!



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