Happy New Years

by suzy 2. January 2008 21:46

Happy News Years from everyone here at Aspen farms! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Now that January is here it's time to start planning the show season even though your equine partners are most likely fat and furry! We have several things on the calendar at Aspen Farms. Jon will be teaching one clinic a month at Aspen Farms along with a guest clinician. We will also be hosting Derbies in March and April. Construction will soon be underway on the Intermediate course for our Horse Trials June 13-15 2008. We are excited to have Tremaine Cooper designing the course; Tremaine has designed some our favorite courses out east, including Morven Park Horse Trials and Radnor CCI**. We are planning a trip south to get an early start to the season with Ram Tap Horse Trials followed by Twin Rivers CCI*/**. Please check our calendar for clinic and derby dates.


Fall News From Aspen Farms

by suzy 11. November 2007 14:32

Hopefully from now on I will manage to write an update more often than one per season! The last three months have flown by in a flurry of activity. Our first horse trials was successful though very soggy! I think we were all wondering if the rain was ever going to stop, especially Friday as everyone was trying to find their stall and parking spot through the down pouring rain and darkness. Luckily the footing held up amazingly well both days aside from a few spots on the preliminary xc. Our jump crew and volunteers did an fabulous job of making things run smoothly despite less than ideal conditions. Hopefully the weather will be kinder in June, we are excited to have everyone back again. Highlights of the end of the competition season for the horses in our barn are listed below.
   Chelsey Sevigny and Aspen Farms' Taos placed 4th in their first Intermediate at NWEC Fall Gala then went on to have a great weekend at Galway Downs in the CCI* so are now qualified for a CCI** in the spring if Taos has not sold.
   Annie Rowland and Aviator have figured out what eventing is all about and placed 2nd at NWEC Fall Gala in the Junior Novice division.
   Lauren Benge and Obsession finished the season in great form and brought home ribbons at their last three events, including an 8th at Aspen Farms Horse Trials in the Junior Novice Division.
   Josh Lacy and High Jinx successfully moved up to training and although their first clear round remains just out of reach I'm sure they will obtain it in the spring after a winter of homework.
   I moved Chauncy, my 5 year old, up to prelim  and he finished in the ribbons at EI and NWEC. He got to make the trek to CA with Ogopogo and Taos and ran around the prelim down there like it was nothing. Ogopogo attempted his first CCI* and though we had two run outs, he jumped well and it was a learning experience for both of us. We'll try again at Twin Rivers in the spring.
   Robert Leyen and Large Marge jumped around the training at Aspen Farms Horse Trials in great form and Robert was grinning from ear to ear and cheering as he crossed the finish line! Those are the moments that make this sport what it is, despite the uncooperative weather and frequent disappointments. The anticipation of more moments like those is what will get us through the long
winter of staring at the walls of the indoor arena!
We plan to have several derbys in the spring to get everyone started, I will post more info as we make plans.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, we hope you enjoy great food and safe travels with family and friends.


Where did July Go?

by suzy 1. August 2007 16:59

How time flies! It was a busy month for Aspen Farms with Whidbey Island as well as Rebecca Farms on the agenda.  Highlights of Whidbey were Lexi Funk and R Dashing Surprise moving up to Training and winning a large division, finishing on their dressage score. Also claiming the blue ribbon was Ideal Life, Ellen Guthries lovely 4yr old that I rode in his first Novice. With the highs come the lows; Chelsey Sevigny and Taos jumped a great, clean, xc round only to discover they had missed a fence thus eliminating. In show jumping Laura Johnson discovered Simon Says dislike of canoes after a fabulous xc ride the day before. The roller coaster continued to Montana; Lexi Funk scored the lowest dressage of the event (22!) only to have a silly fall on xc. She hopped back on and finished and though we know how disappointed she must have been she was a great sport and didn't let it show. Laura Johnson showed determination by getting back on after a refreshing dip in the water jump to finish the rest of the course in great form. Chelsey Sevigny rode Taos to his best ever dressage mark of 32, and finished the weekend in 6th place in a large division of young riders. Her own horse I Know I'm Right continues to live up to his name and managed to sneak in a run out at the angled cabins. Chelsey's young mare, Independence was 4th in the 5y old division of the young horse competition. I was thrilled with all three of my horses. Ideal Life finished 3rd in the 4y old young horse division and 3rd in the open novice. He was leading going into SJ where we had an unfortunate rail to keep him from claiming two blues in a row! Ogopogo was 2nd after dressage in OP and added just a few time penalties after a fantastic xc to finish in 4th at the end of the weekend.  Chauncy also had a great xc but was a little too playful in the dressage! With a clean SJ he moved up to 7th in the OT. Dawn White rode better than I have ever seen her on xc with Vapor Trail. She rode the tough line from the mound to the corner better than anyone else in the CIC***. Unfortunately, it was not to be her weekend. Two heartbreaking stops in the SJ ring eliminated her from competition. Lauren Benge moved up to Novice and had her best ever xc, and a nice positive SJ round. Josh Lacey found himself in the ribbons after a much improved dressage test. He jumped easily around the xc and with one rail in SJ finished in 7th place in ON. Jon was busy as usual with the adult riders camp just before Rebecca. He was in warm up all day every day, braving the heat. It paid off though, with most of his students having a fun, successful weekend. Luckily our horses came through the weekend better than our vehicles. Anyone notice a truck and trailer being towed into Rebecca Farm? Yes, that was me. The truck is still in MT being repaired. I'm just glad it had the decency to get me 1/2 mile from the show and grateful to Cathy from Rebecca Farm for towing me! To top it off my car died on my way home from Tacoma last night! Luckily it is a minor fix unlike the truck. Oh well, better vehicles breaking down than horses. The horses are enjoying a well deserved easy week before gearing back up for Young Rider Benefit Horse Trials. See you there!
Suzy Elliott


Inavale Farm Horse Trials

by suzy 24. June 2007 21:37

Aspen Farms took eleven horses from the barn for the trip down to Inavale Horse Trials in Oregon last weekend. While we didn't bring home any blue ribbons everyone rode well and came home happy. Lexi Funk had a great weekend on both her horses, finishing 4th in the YRP with a lovely clear SJ on Triple Chance and 3rd in the Novice on R Dashing Surprise. Chelsey Sevigny rode better than ever to jump clear xc on Aspen Farms Taos in their first prelim together. On her own horse, I Know I'm Right, a flawless SJ made up for a silly run out the day before. Laura Johnson made the jump up to Intermediate with ease on Simon Says. Josh Lacey and High Jinx continue to solidify their partnership. Lauren Benge and Obsession got back on track with a 3rd place finish in the JBN. I had a busy weekend with four horses to ride. Ideal Life figured out what xc was all about and finished 5th in the BN. Ogopogo gets better each time out. Chauncy had his best dressage to date but a brief hesitation at the water dropped us from the placings. Capilano was a bit too green for the training course so we decided to try again another day. Jon had a long list of students to help and was out in warm up all day, every day. Dawn White had a fantastic weekend, narrowly missing the win in the OI when she got to the high side of the last fence, a swedish oxer, just tapping the rail down to finish 2nd. We enjoyed the improvements to the xc, the courses all rode very well. The footing in the SJ and dressage area felt great, it was obvious a lot of work had gone into getting it just right. We appreciate it will certainly be back next year.


Aspen Farms Successful at NWEC Mothers Day Classic

by suzy 21. May 2007 12:05

After a long winter in the indoor arena, it was great to get outside and see if all the homework we did over the winter paid off. For the most part, it certainly seems as if it has. Chelsey Sevigny had her best test to date on I Know I'm Right, to take the lead in the YRP. A very smooth XC ride with  just a few time  penalties left them 4th at the end of the weekend. Chelsey also rode Aspen Farms Taos to a 7th place finish in the training, a great start for a new partnership. Josh Lacy had a great weekend on his young mare High Jinx, showing a large improvement in all three phases to finish 10th in the Novice. Laura Johnson and Simon Says won their division of Preliminary. Robert Leyen and Large Marge showed vast improvement, especially in the dressage, and were thrilled to come home with a 6th place ribbon! Jon was very busy coaching a large number of students over the weekend, as well as riding a clients young horse, Aerolite, in his first event. I was pleased with all 4 of my horses, though some left plenty of room for improvement! Capilano won his Novice division, and Chauncy was 3rd in his first training. Ogopogo had an educational weekend and will be better from it heading to Inavale. Ideal Life handled his first show like a pro and had a lovely dressage and SJ but was quite green XC.  We were fortunate to have the help of a new addition to the Aspen Farms crew, Annie Rowland. Annie has come to us from Alaska to pursue her dream of eventing. We look forward to seeing her and her horse, Tor, later in the season. It was great to see everyone again, thanks to the Turners for hosting another wonderful event.


Aspen Farms is gearing up for the 2007 season

by suzy 16. April 2007 18:45

The event season is fast approaching and we have a lot on our plates here at Aspen Farms. With just over 6 months until our first recognized event it is an exciting but busy time. We have managed to recruit some great volunteers to help keep us on track.
Jon is best located by following the beeping sound of the bobcat right now, he has been grading rings, clearing trees, making trails, and cleaning up all our fallen trees from our windy winter. He has also taught numerous clinics over the winter, helping everyone prepare for the show season.
Our course builder, Greg Shlappi, will soon be back out to continue to work on the course. Greg has built several upper level courses on the east coast, and the jumps he has built here so far are beautiful.
I seem to be a bit accident prone these days! I had a fall in November and broke both elbows. They have healed well and I have been riding and training full time since January. However, 2 weeks ago I had a horse slip in a turn and fall on my leg, fracturing my foot. Luckily it was a minor break and I was only out of the saddle for about a week. I am excited to have several nice young horses to compete this year, some new to the sport, others hoping to try the next level.
With my injuries, and Jon being busy preparing the site for the event, we are very lucky to have Chelsey Sevigny to fill in our shoes. She is a real asset to our business and is able to help with the teaching, training and riding as needed.  As well as her longtime partner "I Know I'm Right", we look forward to seeing her on her lovely young horse, "Independence" this season. She has also taken over the ride on "Taos" while Jon focuses on the event.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the shows and wish you the best of luck for the season!


Simons Say and Wonder Wishes bring home blue from Rebecca Farms

by suzy 26. July 2006 20:20

Aspen Farms student Laura Johnson riding Simon Says performed their best dressage test to date to leave them tied for first after dressage in the Junior Open Preliminary division at Rebecca Farms July 21-23. Two time faults cross country dropped them to third overnight but a beautiful, faultless show jumping round shot them back up to the top of the scoreboard on Sunday.
This was only Lauras' second prelimimary after purchasing Simon Says through Aspen Farms last fall. They quickly formed a strong partnership and we will look for more success from them in the future.
Laura is still grinning ear to ear after her win!

Wonderful Wishes topped the 5 year old class of the young event horse competition with Jonathan Elliott aboard. Wonder is owned by Meggie Elledge and was bred by Cathy Elledge of Yelm,WA. She is by Wishes and Dreams and out of Cathy's own mare, Cece. Wonder and Jonathan also placed sixth in the OT division.



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